Thomas Bourgeau's Homepage


OneLab is a European project funded by FP6 and FP7 program  that aims  to run and develop testbeds for research and experimentation on future internet technologies.  The core testbed is PlanetLab Europe, the European arm of the global PlanetLab system. It is powered by PlanetLab code, for which OneLab is the co-developers with Princeton University. Around this core, OneLab has extend PlanetLab into New environment facilities (Wireless, Emulation, UMTS, Multi homing, SAC, Content), deepen the monitoring with active and passive measurement tools. Among others I've been involve in:


Active measurements are my principal focus as research area. I've been working on setting up a Topology information component that aims at studying the Internet dynamism at the IP level. This component propose an API that can serve the research community to query its database for retrieving topological information. The active measurement are done with new and inovative tools that resolve measurement artifacts (paris-traceroute) and enhance distributed measurement with DHT (traceroute@home). Bellow is a short description of these components:  


Nowadays, the internet has grown into an heterogeneous network that use a large range of technologies from its edges to its core. On the user side, a large choice of devices has arrise and the interoperability of between all these technologies is an actual challenge. Since a long time I'm convince that all technologies should live together. As I'm involve into Topology discovery, I would like to propose a topological map that would show this heterogeneity. This could lead to track the evolution of each technologies and understand/propose new routing protocols. My interest is mainly focused on some technologies: